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American cocker spaniel puppy

Our Cocker Spaniels are our pets, they are not kept in kennels or locked away. Our puppies come in silver, buff and sometimes black. Roan American Cocker Spaniels Showcasing Blue Roan, Blue Roan and Tan and Red Roan None of these pictured below are for sale. At one time, English cockers and American cockers were the same breed. Owning a Cocker Spaniel puppy is a joy. You would think somewhere along the line there would be other breeds. These dogs love to be a part of various family activities. A merry little dog, the smallest of all the gundog breeds, and truly a die-hard groomer’s passion. The Cocker Spaniel was first registered with the AKC in 1878 and grouped as Sporting. We have bred and shown cocker spaniels for 15 years. However, they can sometimes cause problems for a new dog owner, even if you are experienced with dogs. ” The Cocker Spaniel Singapore personality is a sweet and delightful one. | All the info you need when you are Looking for Puppies For Sale. American Cocker Spaniel; You will find American Cocker Spaniel dogs for adoption and puppies for sale under the listings here. , is the parent club for the Cocker Spaniel. Photo Credits American Cocker Spaniel image by Infs from Fotolia. Cheryl's Cocker Spaniels specializes in happy, healthy American Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale as family pets in Iowa, near Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. Temperament Merry and affectionate, the English Cocker Spaniel is an excellent family companion due to its even disposition and trainability. I don't have puppies very often, but I would be able to help anyone looking for your new family member or if you just need some information on the Cocker Spaniel. This medium-sized, sturdy dog is ranked as the 31st most popular dog breed in the country by the AKC (American Kennel Club). TEMPERAMENT The Cocker Spaniel is an inseparable friend of children, and respectful of his/her master's authority without much challenge. The smallest dog in the Sporting Group, the Cocker Spaniel (or American Cocker Spaniel as it is sometimes called) has an efficient and serviceable-looking body, with straight forequarters and a spine that slopes gently to powerful, moderately bent hindquarters, and a docked tail. Finding the right American Cocker Spaniel puppy can be dog gone hard work. Feel free to browse classifieds placed by Cocker Spaniel dog breeders in Pa and the surrounding areas. Announcements. Located in San Bernardino county, California, with dogs available to just about anywhere. Threads Variations of the Cocker Spaniel. The cost to buy a Cocker Spaniel varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Obo II was born in the USA because his mother was shipped there when she was pregnant. However, free American Cocker Spaniel dogs and puppies are a rarity as rescues usually charge a small adoption fee to cover their expenses (usually less than $200). Browse thru Cocker Spaniel Puppies for Sale in Houston, TX, USA listings on PuppyFinder. We carefully select the most suitable males to use with our females so that every puppy comes as close to the breed standard as possible. Since the 1930's, the American Cocker Spaniel and English Cocker Spaniel are recognized as distinct breeds (the American Cocker Spaniel is smaller). If you are looking for a small, friendly dog then look no further than the American Cocker Spaniel. These ads show some past pups. One of the most populare breeds of dogs, the Cocker Spaniel has a sweet disposition, is playful, intelligent, loyal and generally gets along well with other animals. The American Cocker is the smallest member of the sporting dog class. A Cocker Spaniel puppy is a wonderful little package - they possess so many of the attractive qualities that us dog lovers cherish. The Cocker Spaniel is a hunting-gun dog able to work in difficult terrain in both wet and dry land. He is veterinarian checked, up to date on vaccinations and dewormer, and also comes with a health guarantee. Dad is a red and mum a black and tan. American Cocker Spaniel Puppies, American Cocker Spaniel Breeder, Cocker Spaniel Puppies, Merle Cocker Spaniel Puppies, Buff Cockers, Chocolate Tricolor Cocker Spaniel, Chocolate Tri, Blue Roan, Sable Cocker Spaniel, Chocolate Merle Parti, Black Cocker Spaniel Puppies, Black/White Cockers, Chocolate Merle Cockers Spaniel Puppies, Chocolate Cocker spaniel puppies are cute, cuddly and are certainly appealing even when they grow up. Cocker Spaniels are incredibly gentle, and are a perfect mix of docile and playful. To avoid confusion, it is often referred to as the "American" Cocker Spaniel. First off let me say I understand that shopping for a well bred puppy over the Internet is a American Cocker Spaniel Training and Puppy Training, by Michele Welton Dog Training – What Works, and What Doesn't Some dog training methods are based on what makes the owner feel good, rather than what on actually makes sense to the dog. Cocker Spaniel puppy training should also include leash training, which is considered essential. The Cocker Spaniel has origins from both Spain and the U. We are a small hobby breeder of American Cocker Spaniels located in the beautiful lake community of Pinecliff Lake, West Milford, New Jersey, dedicated to breeding healthy, gorgeous cocker spaniel puppies with gentle and loving dispositions. Our Cocker puppies are happy,healthy and well adjusted puppies with great temperments. AKC buff cocker spaniel, Born 10-09-2014. The Cocker Spaniel was reared to flush small prey from the brush for hunters. The result is a lot of poorly-bred Cockers with neurotic behaviors, including aggression. Cocker Spaniel (American) - Breed and Grooming Tips Exhibited in the US since the 1880s, the Cocker Spaniel remains one of the most popular breeds according to AKC® . Puppy Page our new arrivals and available cocker The American Cocker Spaniel is a breed of sporting dog. Every doll loves a playful pet and this cute spaniel pup is a forever friend. I consent to receive Puppy Buying Tips and Special Offers from Euro Puppy KC registered male American Cocker Spaniel puppies. Size. Allentown, PA. We have been breeding for 5 years and enjoy providing purebred Cocker Spaniels for families looking to add a new family member into their home. English Springer Spaniel puppies were born on June 1, 2018. Available Puppies! They are sweet, charming and cheerful but should be trained as a puppy. The breed comes in two varieties: the English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel. The Cocker has a sturdy, compact body and a silky, flat or wavy coat. We are a small family business that operates out of our Smiths Creek, MI home. The American Cocker Spaniel is such a common breed that many people breed them. The American Cocker Spaniel was bred from the English Cocker Spaniel, and that breed dates back to the 14th century. This website offers all you need to help your puppy grow into a happy, healthy, adult Cocker Spaniel. American cocker spaniels are known for Cocker Spaniels are dogs belonging to two breeds of the spaniel dog type: the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel, both of which are commonly called simply Cocker Spaniel in their countries of origin. Choosing a Cocker Spaniel Breeder. Adorable puppy. Cocker Spaniel Puppies available with nice Champion lines. Convenience and cost is never our concern in producing excellent quality The American Cocker Spaniel is a hardy breed but does have the potential for some health concerns. org Adopt-Foster-Donate-SponsorCSAC Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center - 501(c)(3) Charity PO Box 1704 Westminster, MD 21158 Hotline: 410-628-6191 www. Cocker Spaniels are a popular breed known for being an affectionate, attractive, and easy to train. Cocker spaniels are great dogs. This is our Bentley!" "American Cocker Spaniel Pictures (Reilly as a puppy looked just like this, except he had green eyes)" "Hes 7 weeks old and will make for a perfect brotherly companion to Rufus" Colours and Types of Cocker Spaniel Puppies. Considered a sporting breed by the AKC, it is the smallest breed in that category. The first one is Obo, the father of the English Cocker Spaniel. Find your new Cocker Spaniel puppy here! Small hobby American Cocker Spaniel breeder located in LaGrange, GA. is proud to be an advocate for the rescue, restore, retirement and placement of Cocker Spaniels. This beautiful girl is a cocker spaniel golden retriever mix! Mostly cocker. Call Us at 417-576-5241 or 417-452-2781 or complete the Contact form we will be happy to call you. Breeders started breeding smaller and more plush and creating the American cocker In the 1800's, small spaniels were developed to hunt woodcock. The Cocker Spaniel can become shy and/or aggressive if not socialized well and given its daily walk and mental stimulation. PuppyFind® provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect American Cocker Spaniel puppy (or American Cocker Spaniel puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stock Photo by Pietus 1 / 233 american cocker spaniel puppy with paws over white foreground Picture by Colecanstock 3 / 391 dog begging for food - american cocker spaniel puppy with sign around neck Pictures by Colecanstock 26 / 1,006 Cocker spaniel puppies Stock Photographs by Tempusfugit 1 / 58 mother dog and puppies Stock Photography by The Cocker Spaniel breed originated in the early 20th century and belongs to two breeds in the Spaniel family. Although he is the smallest member of the Sporting Group, the American Cocker Spaniel is a sturdy dog capable of considerable speed and great endurance. A California breeder of adorable American Cocker Spaniel puppies. Hello~ I'm a small hobby breeder of American Cocker Spaniels in California. htm The American version of the Cocker Spaniel is derived from the English Cocker Spaniel. American Cocker Spaniel Scenic Mug Artfully Designed Scenic Mugs of Your Favorite Breed Cocker Spaniel The modern breeds of Cocker Spaniels have arisen from two dogs. Since the American Cocker Spaniel is smaller than the English Cocker Spaniel, the Cocker Spaniel Club of America discouraged breeding between the English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel in 1938. Spaniel (American Cocker) puppies for sale Select Area Please select the area you would like to locate a puppy from the list below. Is a puppy bred from a 'working' cocker spaniel and an English cocker spaniel a pedrigree or crossbreed? Our cocker spaniel looks like a working cocker spaniel with a less dome like head, less feathering and a straight back as opposed to the slanted back of an English cocker. The American Cocker Spaniel has many great things about it which is why it spent so long as the top dog according to the AKC. What is the best dog food to feed your American Cocker Spaniels? What is the difference between American and English Cocker Spaniels? American Cocker Spaniel Grooming Advice. Heritage. She also contributed a chapter in the book " Puppy Socialization - An Insider's Guide to Dog Behavioral Fitness" by Caryl Wolff. American cocker spaniel puppy easy to train Home Tuesday 2019-02-05 18:54:32 pm Best 13+ American Cocker Spaniel Puppy Easy To Train Easy Digital Downloads a common form of positive reinforcement, is a simple and effective dog training method. (In the U. Temperament The Cocker Spaniel is an inseparable friend of children, and respectful of his/her master’s authority without much challenge. In the late 1800s, many English Cockers were brought to America, but American hunters preferred a slightly smaller dog to hunt quail and other small game birds. Puppy Waiting List Harrisburg American Cocker Spaniels and American Cocker Spaniel breeders The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest of the Sporting Group with a sturdy, compact body, long elegant ears and a silky and feathery coat. Finding a good breeder is the key to finding the right puppy. CSAC Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center - 501(c)(3) Charity PO Box 1704 Westminster, MD 21158 Hotline: 410-628-6191 www. Male american kennel club cocker spaniel puppy wonderful and playful his tail has been docked and he s had vaccines now he is missing his forever loving… Mom gave birth to seven American cocker spaniel puppies in Sarasota, Florida. The American Cocker Spaniel moves along the autumn leaves. It evolved in the US where breeders developed it from the English Cocker Spaniel to become the glamorous American type we see today. I am faithful to improving the Cocker Spaniel breed and raising the best quality pet I can, taking care to promote the best temperament and health for your puppy. Two of the boys and the one girl are light brown with white markings on their faces and paws. It is a spaniel type dog that is closely . com/availablepuppiespuiuti. American Cocker Spaniel puppy with brown coat. Threads 33 Messages 383. All Cocker Spaniel puppies found here are Cocker Spaniel information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, AKC Marketplace is the only site to exclusively list 100% AKC puppies from Cocker Spaniel information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Cockers and dog breed mixes. Welcome At Little Brownies we are motivated to provide a high quality dog that will represent the American Water Spaniel (AWS) breed well. Cocker spaniels frequently suffer from fear-based aggression. We highly recommend feeding a good quality food. This has been the driving force behind the increase in demands for both American and English cocker spaniel puppies. Your puppy will come with a Veterinarian health certificate, their first puppy My name is Linda and I raise American Cocker Spaniel Puppies in beautiful Colorado. Small and active, this dog requires regular grooming of its silky coat. Find great deals on eBay for free cocker spaniel puppies. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. Ganz Webkinz American Cocker Spaniel Puppy Dog 8" HM202 Ships Free! Gift B35. ~ Text or call me for more information at 760-509-5257 comes with AKC Find American Cocker Spaniel Puppies for Sale Healthy, purebred American Cocker Spaniel puppies directly from ethical breeders. Cocker Spaniel puppies are a small breed that usually stay around 30 lbs. Il riconoscimento ufficiale della The American Cocker Spaniel is a breed of sporting dog. Note: We will not contact your references until after a successful interview. American Cocker Spaniel Pet Trim The pet trim—alternatively called a suburban, puppy or summer cut—is a great groom for active, playful American Cocker Spaniels. com to find your perfect puppy. jordanfamilytreasures. In December of 2017, Striker was named Best in Show at the AKC National Championship. How to Care for a Cocker Spaniel. 00. Important notices you won't want to miss. Puppies are cash and Pick up only. A magnet in her mouth lets her hold a favorite toy. Adorable puppy in need of good home. With its floppy ears, soft coat and friendly eyes, this breed makes the perfect pet. Our organization originally umbrella-ed under the organizational name of Nic of Time for Cockers is the main chapter. If you are looking for a sleek Cocker Spaniel puppy, we have some beautifully marked litte Philadelphia, Pennsylvania » Cocker Spaniel, American » $1,050 I breed according to the Cocker Spaniel Standard as approved by the American Kennel Club and the American Spaniel Club (the parent club for Cocker Spaniels in the United States). 00 plus transportation. I used to be a dog groomer and some had very thick hair while others had silkier hair. American dog fanciers of the early-20th century developed a Estimate your American Cocker Spaniel puppy's adult weight easily using our free puppy weight chart! Simply fill in the details below and we will do the rest. We have a stunning red cocker spaniel boy four months old ready for his new home , fully vaccinated, microchipped , docked with certificates, kc registered with five generation pedigree, TED was the pick of litter puppy from my stud dog Dylin (pictur The English Cocker was recognized as separate from the American Cocker Spaniel by the AKC in 1946. They are fully vaccinated, flead, microchipped, Kennel Club registered, with a five generation KC pedigree certificate and puppy pack, vet checked and well socialised, being raised in a family home with cats and young children and well so The American Cocker Spaniel is the smallest of the Sporting Breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. T he American Cocker Spaniel evolved from the original English Cocker Spaniel. Taming an Aggressive Pit Bull Puppy; Take care to socialize and train your Cocker Spaniel puppy to make it comfortable with children and other animals. 00 OBO. Stanfield Farms is a small hobby/show home in Polk City in central Florida near Disney World. American Cocker Spaniels may be a little different from English Cocker Spaniels, but they're just as cute! Learn about the differences between these two wonderful breeds here. Whether you decide to buy one of these small dogs for showing, or simply to be a family companion, you Training my Cocker Spaniel puppy? I have been training my 7 month Cocker from the Cesar Millan and New Skeet training books and having great success. It is a manageable size, looks beautiful, has a sweet and kind nature, trains easily and is cheerful and full of life. Cocker Spaniels for Sale in South Carolina Cocker Spaniels in SC. If you are unable to find your Cocker Spaniel puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of Cocker Spaniel Dogs for Adoption. From the time they were born, they were handled regularly, which included early neurological stimulation, and were noise desensitized. AKC AMERICAN COCKER SPANIEL PUPPIES AVAILABLE NOW! WE SHIP!!! Cocker Spaniel prices $700-$900. By the 1930’s , the differences between North American and English cockers were so obvious, efforts were made to split the breeds. Keep an open mind when selecting your puppy, don’t close the door on a puppy because of preconceived notions of its gender, because you may be missing out on the best companion that you could have ever had. Home Puppies Reserving A Puppy Guarantees Paying FAQ's Contact Cheryl Dog Aggression and Biting in a Cocker Spaniel. Full AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB American cocker spaniel from champion blood line, he comes with American Girl Doll Pet Dog Puppy Cocker Spaniel. The American Cocker Spaniel was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1878. Little Brownies Kennel Home Page. Buy a puppy raised in a family environment. They will melt your heart, such a cute breed! You can find best of funny dogs or funny dog videos and cute puppies and cute puppy The Cocker Spaniel originates in England and was brought to North America in the 1800's. Puppies have had third set of shots, current on worming, and have health certificate from licensed vet. The American Cocker Spaniel is a good natured and friendly dog with a happy personality. All of our puppies are special to us and are available for loving pet homes only. East County American Cocker Spaniels is located in Antioch, Contra Costa County, California, USA. Superior quality in temperament, markings and conformation. Puppy's description I have 3 boys and 1 girl cocker spaniel/puggle/shih tzu 8 week old puppies for sale. According to experts, the American breed originated from a large influx of English Cocker Spaniels , which were brought to America during the latter half of the 17th century (possibly on the Mayflower ship). Before buying a cocker spaniel puppy think carefully about the commitment you are about to make. Byron Center, Michigan American fanciers selected for smaller size, greater coat, and a rounder head; today, the cocker spaniel and the English cocker spaniel are considered separate breeds. Were you able to Find an American Cocker Spaniel Puppy in Louisiana? Please let us know in the comments if you have ever purchased an American Cocker Spaniel from any of the above breeders. In 1947, the original Cocker was renamed the English Cocker Spaniel and the new variety was named American Cocker Spaniel. Penny Creek Farms will provide assistance and support to new owners for the life of the dog. Are you looking for American Cocker Spaniel Breeders? Here is a great list of American Cocker Spaniel Breeders to make your search easy. . Cocker Spaniel puppies for sale in Pa, as well as Indiana, New York, Ohio and other states. Visit the breeder and get a feel for whether the puppies are a business commodity or cherished and spoiled. Getting rid of American Cocker Spaniel. Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. CVJ’s N Aj’s Can’t Buy Me Love Shazam is a Blue Roan and Tan American Cocker Spaniel Nickname – Sam I Am Below are his parents. The Cocker Spaniel in the United States is a different dog than the Cocker in England, and was developed from the early U. american cocker spaniel puppyThe Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized, sturdy dog. american cocker spaniel puppy. Some of the cutest puppies around are Cocker Spaniel puppies. Cocker Spaniel Dogs And Puppies. Originally bred to become a hunting dog, they are now known to hunt and also be shown at famous dog shows. The Cockers were to be under 25lbs and the Springers over 40lbs. I will discuss both the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel on this page - they are both sweet dogs. They are usually very smart and happy. american cocker spaniel puppy However, finding American Cocker Spaniel puppies at a shelter could be hit or miss. Chocolate cocker spaniel puppies for sale has wear as per the age . In its native United States, the American Cocker Spaniel was ranked the 23rd most popular breed according to registration statistics of the AKC in 2009, a decrease in popularity since 1999 when it was ranked 13th. Each puppy is raised in a home environment. They are also intelligent and easy to train and will be extremely obedient when trained properly. I got Tyson from a rescue named The sire is a black AKC American Cocker Spaniel He is 3 years old. The Spaniel family is a large one, of considerable antiquity. and is a popular dog breed with a jovial and sweet personality. This breed is known to be cuddly and easy going. Cocker Spaniel Puppies for Sale AKC American Cocker Spaniel Puppies! Champion Lines. American Cocker Spaniel Basics. Ace is a Male Cocker Spaniel puppy for sale at PuppySpot. The American cocker spaniel originated as a hunting breed, although few participate in that activity in modern times. ”) The American Spaniel Club: Owning a Cocker American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: House Training Your Puppy American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: House Training Your Adult Dog The term puppy cut is a bit of a misnomer, as this common cocker hairstyle can be administered on dogs of any age. American Cocker Spaniel Sold for $750 with vet check, tested for parvo, first shots, dewormed and 1 year puppy health guarantee. Finding a Cocker Spaniel. A buff-colored A sweet pretty puppy girl ready and waiting for her forever home. History of Roan Cockers: Roan cockers have always been a part of the cocker spaniel breed. Breed Description: The American Cocker Spaniel is an active, friendly dog with a refined, rounded head, long, lobular ears and a sturdy compact body. Puppy redhead jumping in the street on a sunny day Horizontal image. Individual attention is given daily to each Cocker Spaniel puppy. Either way you go male or female, if it is a Cocker Spaniel you can’t go wrong. The second, Obo II, was the father of the American Cocker Spaniel. -There are a number of acceptable, but very specific, color varieties within the Cocker breed: Black, Black with Tan Points, Parti-Color, and ASCOB (Any Solid Color Other than Black). com You can locate Cocker breeders near you by checking the breeder listings at The Open Directory Project and at The American Spaniel Club web sites. , the English Cocker is known simply as the “Cocker Spaniel” – and our version as the “American Cocker Spaniel. Mary's Cocker Haven based in Peyton, CO is a Top 2017 American Cocker Spaniel Breeder! Mary's Cocker Haven based in Peyton, CO is a Top 2018 American Cocker Spaniel Breeder! Winnie's Miniature Dachshund Puppy Rules and Puppy Enrollment Form and Bitch Nomination Form for Cocker Spaniel Futurity ASC will also receive donations based on the participation of breeders and owners of nominated litters and/or puppies in the Purina Pro Club loyalty program. Both of these parent breeds belong to the sporting dog group, and are friendly, active dogs that are a pleasure to train. Click on any of the small photos underneath to find tips and advice on how to take care of your Cocker Spaniel. AKC Registered American Cocker Spaniel puppies. Dam The dam is a small tri-colored chocolate,buff and white ACA American Cocker Spaniel that id 2 1/2 years old. webs. Whether you want to go with a breeder or get your dog from a shelter or rescue, here are some things to keep in mind. I consent to receive Notifications when new American Cocker Spaniel puppies are posted. This Puppy Found A Home! Say hello to Archer, a fun loving Cocker Spaniel puppy ready to give you lots of puppy kisses! This darling pup is vet checked and up to date on shots and wormer. If you're buying a puppy, ask the breeder for proof that Thus, the English Springer Spaniel, Field Spaniel, English Cocker Spaniel, and on through all of today’s British spaniel breeds. Our Mission : American Cocker Spaniel Rescue's primary mission is to provide a safe haven to Cocke. Cocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale In Georgia Welcome to the “Georgia Cocker Spaniel Breeders” page of Local Puppy Breeders! If this is your first time visiting our site, every state page on LPB (that's shorthand for Local Puppy Breeders) has a complete list of every single local breeder that we have identified in that state. K. The American Cocker Spaniel is a breed of sporting dog. The only problem is he is so incredibly friendly with everyone that he won't announce visitors at the door. Rainbow is a red murle with blue eyes that weighs 15 pounds The puppy on the left has In America, the American version of the cocker spaniel became the more popular, but in the rest of the world the English cocker spaniel is the more popular. For a more accurate estimate, enter your Cocker Spaniel puppy's current age and weight into our Puppy Weight Predictor to predict its adult size. Sprightly, delicate and sweet, this breed is of normal insight and is deferential of its expert's power. His favorite things to do are going to the dirt track races, where he has his own fans. In most cases, the mother dog The American Cocker Spaniel was bred smaller as American woodcocks are smaller than their European cousins, and the breeds appearance changed slightly during the first part of the 20th century as the preference by American breeders was for a more stylized appearance. Although mostly sought after for companionship, the Cocker Spaniel still retains the keen hunting instincts typically found in all spaniels. Thank you for visiting Mud River Cockers! If you are interested in adding a Cocker Spaniel to your family, please check out our puppy page!If you have any questions feel free to contact us. The Cocker Spaniel’s national parent club, the American Spaniel Club, has a health committee that looks at breed health issues and makes recommendations to breeders for required health testing The American Cocker Spaniel is more popular than the original English Cocker Spaniel, which are slightly different in appearance, with longer muzzles and larger bodies. If you're searching for information on the Cocker Spaniel - American or if you want to know if a Cocker Spaniel - American puppy is right for your family - you've sniffed out the right site! Learn the information you need to know about the Cocker Spaniel - American , get descriptions, breed traits, articles and Cocker Spaniel - American pictures. Striker is a 6-year-old male American Cocker Spaniel who competes as a show dog in the ASCOB (any solid color other than black) category. The show in January is dedicated to all Flushing breeds, and is known as the “ASC January Flushing Spaniel Show. This may be attributed to its friendliness to people, other dogs and animals, ease of training, and its being very affectionate. This puppy has been family raised in the country and is up to date on shots and wormers. Mom and puppies had privacy from the other dogs in the house, yet mom had free access to go in and out as she pleased. Welcome to Holly Lane Cocker Spaniels! I am a small breeder in Virginia with at least one litter a year. Both parents are here All About American Cocker Spaniel puppies - Breed Information - HD Pictures, Colors. They are truly versatile dogs, being great companions for children during the week and then amazing hunting dogs on the weekend. Here's 30 examples of exactly why they decided on adopting a Below is a sample search of our Cocker Spaniel (American) breeders with puppies for sale. I do not breed small teacup Cockers or large over-sized dogs. Complete list of American Cocker Spaniel Breeders at Champdogs - The pedigree dog breeders website. Below is a sample search of our Cocker Spaniel (American) breeders with puppies for sale. Cocker Spaniel (American) Information The Cocker Spaniel breed is among the most popular pets. Heart conditions, frequent ear infections and hip dysplasia are a few of the issues that you may come across in the breed. He also loves to travel and play with his sister Sophie which is a black Cockalier. General Appearance The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest member of the Sporting Group. We each have a handful of dogs that are our Find Female Cocker Spaniels for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Jim Zim's tips on buying, raising, and potty-training a Cocker Spaniel puppy If you find this web site useful, and appreciate the effort it took to create it please consider helping us cover some of the costs of keeping it running. Pre-Owned. For sale. You will receive a small baggy of current food with your new puppy. Embark says Hoshi is 100% cocker spaniel. They eventually divided the two dogs by their size. We are a small hobby breeder of AKC, champion lined cocker spaniels. It is also a dedicated supporter of all Flushing Spaniel breeds. The Cocker Spaniel is a very lovable and pleasing creature, which comes in two distinct breeds: the English and the American Cocker Spaniels. She has soft fur and a body that can be posed in different positions. There are two varieties of Cocker Spaniels – the English and the American. You can also select an area on the map. The American Cocker Spaniel was founded in 1881, which is when two types of Cockers took shape: The English Cocker and the American Cocker. The breed of choice for Will & Kate's forthcoming puppy was revealed today. In 1946, the American Kennel Club recognized the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel as two distinct breeds. Felix is a handsome Cocker Spaniel puppy who will be your new best friend. "Tyson is a pure black Cocker Spaniel. The American Cocker Spaniel is the smallest member of the Sporting Group. We have american cocker spaniel house training solutions, so housebreaking american cocker spaniel puppies will be fast and easy. Cocker Spaniel Puppies for Sale in North Carolina The sight of your Cocker Spaniel puppy looking up at you with their doll baby eyes will melt your heart! We understand that adopting a puppy is a huge responsibility, so don’t be afraid to give us a call! American Cocker Spaniel Reviews TEMPERAMENT : Strong and quick to work, the American Cocker Spaniel is similarly suited to life as a gundog or as a family pet. Call us today to learn more (reference 587952 when you call). S. The American Spaniel Club, Inc. Cocker Spaniel Dog & Puppy Websites: Cocker Spaniel Breeders (All Locations!) American Pit Bull Terrier Australian Labradoodles -The Cocker Spaniel has been exhibited in the United States since the early 1880s. Welcome Cocker-Spaniel Lovers Home of One of America's Best Cocker Spaniel Breeders We are Open Jan 1st til 9 PM We do hope you enjoy your visit and find that perfect Cocker Spaniel puppy of your dreams. About Roan Cockers. The smart, gentle, and happy American Cocker Spaniel is a joy to have in any family. Purchase price is $1,000. It will help you take your Cocker Spaniel out in public without them misbehaving. Can read guarantee on my website. " We ONLY breed PURE-BRED Cocker Spaniels, registered by the American Kennel Club, according to the standard set forth by the American Spaniel Club. It is a spaniel type dog that is closely related to the English Cocker Spaniel; the two breeds diverged during the 20th century due to differing breed standards in America and the UK. A well bred, socialized and trained Cocker Spaniel puppy is a beautiful and versatile family I am a small breeder of American Cocker Spaniels, located in North Central Kansas. Be ahead of the Crowd when a new American Cocker Spaniel is available by signing up to our Puppy Alert. The American Cocker Spaniel is an excellent bird and small-game hunter, great companion, good with children and all around friendly, lively guy. An active dog with hanging ears runs in the forest. How Do I Find and Pick an American Cocker Spaniel Puppy? Finding American Cocker Spaniel pups should not be too difficult, as this is a rather popular breed. They thoroughly enjoy going on hikes, swimming and participating in other activities with their human family-members. The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America was formed in 1936, and the American Kennel Club recognized the two varieties as separate breeds in 1946, with one being called the English Cocker The English Springer Spaniel was developed in the early 16th century & was breed as a gun dog to help flush out and retriever game. GANZ The American Cocker Spaniel is the smallest member of the gun dog group and is a lively, playful popular pet for families with children. The American Cocker Spaniel. In this article, we discuss some general concerns about first generation cross breeds before diving into specifics about Cocker Spaniel Labs. Il Cocker americano è una razza di cane selezionata negli Stati Uniti d'America a partire dal "cugino" Cocker Spaniel inglese. As a result, the AKC acknowledged the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel as two different breeds in 1946. AMERICAN COCKER SPANIEL The lovely American Cocker Spaniel with its fl owing coat and fl ashy movement is indeed a sight to behold in the show ring. Also, cocker coats can vary greatly. My puppies are all AKC registered American Cocker Spaniels If you puppy is reduced in price the Check out this Amazing Cockachon puppy! This puppy was born December 1st and is ready for a forever family. She is a Bonus Value puppy health guaranteed a great well bred American Cocker Spaniel She is priced at $ 1000. He has a sturdy, compact body and a cleanly chiseled and refined head, with the overall dog in complete balance and of ideal size. The Cocker Spaniel that we know today began being bred in the United States through selective breeding programs. cockeradoptions. Although it will no doubt inspire the rage of dyed-in-the-wool Cocker fans to even consider it, take a look at an English Cocker Spaniel instead. Every puppy requires regular ongoing training and, despite their reputation for being easy to train, every cocker spaniel puppy is unique and will learn at his or her own unique pace. There are solid colours possible, as well as parti colouring (where large portions are white with solid blocks of colour), as well as sable colouring (brown/black mixed together). Cocker Spaniel Breed Standard Sporting Group. Warsaw, Indiana » Cocker Spaniel, American » Looking for a female silver cocker spaniel- puppy or young adult. These programs brought the breed size down and made for a better companion dog. Although they are not large dogs, they are energetic, active and playful. The Cocker Spaniel was originally bred specifically for hunting, but the breed has slowly become very popular with families. Will be very loved. Felix is family raised with children and is registered with the ACA. This is our Bentley!" "American Cocker Spaniel Pictures (Reilly as a puppy looked just like this, except he had green eyes)" "Hes 7 weeks old and will make for a perfect brotherly companion to Rufus" We are an American Cocker Spaniel breeder located near Orlando, Florida. Being the smallest member of the American Kennel Club’s sporting group, the energetic Cocker Spaniel’s original purpose was as a hunting or “bird” dog. $12. American Cocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale - Long Island, New York American Cocker Spaniels or more commonly known, Cocker Spaniels, are wonderful family dogs. They're often great with other dogs, pets, and small animals, and delighted to meet strangers. Falling in Love with Cocker Spaniel Puppies For Sale At Curious Puppies we have been so lucky to get the opportunity to experience so many different types of dogs; our favourite so far being a litter of American cocker spaniel puppies for sale. There are several partners who own the dogs associated with Orlandocockers - each giving them the attention and love they deserve! We give our females many breaks in between their litters. (Picture 22 Apr 2017 The American Cocker Spaniel is an active hunting dog, a family companion pet, and is great with children and other pets. 99. -The Cocker Spaniel is one of the most popular breeds of American purebred dogs. go home with an extensive Puppy Pack, 6 weeks of PetsPlusUs Pet Insurance, an on-line link to a We are very proud on the quality of dog's that we produce. The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter. by Brenna Davis . Woof! Why buy a Cocker Spaniel puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of Cocker Spaniel puppies who need a home. You have to provide positive reinforcement though, as Cocker Spaniels are quite sensitive. The Cocker Spaniel Lab Mix is the result of cross-breeding an American Cocker Spaniel and a Labrador Retriever, affectionately referred to as a Spanador, Cockador, or Cockerdor. American Cocker Spaniel puppies that are healthy, intelligent and good temperaments in SE Georgia. Buy It Now NIB~ American Girl Cocker Spaniel Pet-House Set ~Dog Book Treats Craft Stickers. How to Feed a Cocker Spaniel Puppy (just for fun: a few Cocker Spaniel puppies at dinner time) Cocker Spaniel puppies can grow from 3lbs in the first month of their life, to 26lbs when they hit 12 months old. Medium-small in size, the long, fluffy ears and large, kind eyes of a Cocker Spaniel give it an adorable, warm look. Suggested Searches: cocker spaniel puppies cocker spaniel puppy english cocker spaniel cavalier king charles labradoodle spoodle cavalier cocker spaniel poodle cocker spaniel dog spaniel puppies cocker spaniel x cocker spaniel pup american cocker spaniel springer spaniel puppies working cocker spaniel Suggested Searches: cocker spaniel puppies cocker spaniel puppy english cocker spaniel cavalier king charles labradoodle spoodle cavalier cocker spaniel poodle cocker spaniel dog spaniel puppies cocker spaniel x cocker spaniel pup american cocker spaniel springer spaniel puppies working cocker spaniel Cocker Spaniel · Lake Stevens, WA This is out of rainbows litter, very unique colors. Proud member Of American Spaniel Club Elena Sicurello. Cocker Spaniel Puppies Lilabryan517 1 Male & 1 Female puppy left come With a health guarantee, vet checked, first round of sh American Cocker Spaniel, Florida » Brandon AKC Registered American Cocker Spaniel puppies. com We are a group of family and friend dedicated to producing quality puppies in a few different breeds. American Cocker Spaniel, American Cocker Spaniel dogs, American Cocker Spaniel training Author Bio Paul Allen Pearce is the author of many breed specific “Think Like a Dog” & “Think Like Me” dog-training books, “Alpha Dog Secrets Revealed”, and others. Our cockers are all AKC Registered and Most have champion bloodlines in their pedigree. Then there is the possibility of having a mixed breed dog that largely takes after the cocker spaniel but that would make the hair different, too. Unfortunately, most of those people don't know how to produce good temperaments. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. After all, cockers are descendants of Springer spaniels. Bonus Value puppy health guaranteed and just simply an outstanding puppy. I breed for optimal Health, Temperament, and Quality! In the year 1979 as a very young lady, just out of the whelping box myself, I discovered the precious little face of the American Cocker Spaniel and instantly fell in love. 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For twenty five years the American Cocker Spaniel was the most popular dog in America. Breeder of Purebred American Cocker Spaniels. The American cocker spaniel is derived from the English cocker spaniel, which has similar physical characteristics. Cocker Talk American, English, and mixed breed cocker spaniel discussions. The American Cocker Spaniel is not much of a lapdog, despite its small stature, but this dog is best friends with everyone it meets. 750. He must be free and merry, sound, well balanced throughout, and in action show a keen inclination to work; equable in temperament with no suggestion of timidity . American Cocker Spaniels differ so much from the English variety that they WELCOME Thank you for visiting Silver Moon Cockers. Shop with confidence. Every breeding is planed with Cocker Spaniel breed best interests in mind. Over 50,000 dogs have been successfully potty trained with our world-famous indoor dog potty, called the Potty Training Puppy Apartment, including american cocker spaniels. The Cocker Spaniel & Springers were once the same breed. The lovely American Cocker Spaniel with its fl owing coat and fl ashy movement is indeed a sight to behold in the show ring. Allmost every grooming technique is used; clippering, scissoring, hand stripping, bathing, and Charlotte Cocker Rescue is an organization with a passionate commitment to rescue Cocker Spaniels and other abused or abandoned dogs. Today’s Cocker Spaniel is an excellent hunting breed, flushing and retrieving game from both wet and dry land. The American Cocker Spaniel is not a crossbred dog. Shipped worldwide with 10 year Health Guarantee. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Please note this is an estimate based on typical growth patterns for Cocker Spaniel puppies. If you are interested in a puppy born May If you get an American Cocker Spaniel puppy from a breeder, they would give you a feeding schedule and it's important to stick to the same routine, feeding the same type of puppy food to avoid any tummy upsets. She is 1 year old and D053 Benny is a puppy! (m a 4 yr old Neutered Male Poodle Cocker Spaniel puppies and Standard Parti Poodle puppies Stanfield Farms is USDA/APHIS compliant. The American Cocker Spaniel puppy can come in different colourings. The Golden Cocker Retriever is a fairly recent mix of the Golden Retriever and an American Cocker Spaniel. CM Cocker Pups, a Cocker Spaniel Kennel, prides itself on offering beautiful cocker spaniel puppies for sale. PENNY LANE COCKER SPANIEL PUPPIES! The first 7 weeks of your puppy's life, your puppy is with its mother dog and a private family. In the early 20th century, Cocker Spaniels also included small hunting Spaniels. Hill Crest Cockers, breeder of AKC Cocker Spaniels. Visit our website to see current puppies: www. A cocker spaniel puppy cut is a fan favorite because of how easy it is to care for. org Adopt-Foster-Donate-Sponsor American Cocker Spaniel. We do NOT breed "cockapoos. Origin: Other names, Cocker Spaniel, Cocker, Merry Cocker American Cocker Spaniel Puppy Picture. Results 1 - 20 of 106 Find Cocker Spaniel Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Cocker Spaniel information. Cockers are medium-sized dogs with long, feathered ears, silky coats and docked tails. Pure breed Chocolate American Cocker Spaniel is an stunning chocolate tan merle cocker spaniel puppy for sale. ASC hosts two venues each year. American Cocker Spaniel, Purebreed two left Hi, we have Purebreed American Cocker Spaniel puppies, only one black girl, one black boy and one buff color boy, Spokane Washington Pets and Animals 375 $ Our Cocker Spaniel puppies are eating the Taste of the Wild Puppy Food or Royal Canin Mini Puppy. 5 weeks old american cocker spaniel pups http://fisoroyalhouse. He is very dedicated and loyal to his family. misplacement and euthanasia of adoptable Cocker Spaniels. NONE of our dogs are used for the breeding of "cockapoos," EVER. importations of the English Cocker Spaniels. "Barney (our second American Cocker Spaniel). The cocker spaniel is smaller than its English counterpart and is the smallest of sporting dogs. Personality and Temperament: Cocker Spaniels are kind, playful, vigilant, intelligent, and lively dogs. They are extremely friendly although they can throw the odd strop if they don't get enough attention. American cocker spaniel puppies for sale - 8 weeks old 12/25 and ready! Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Inc. How to Buy a Cocker Spaniel Puppy. (You do not have permission to use any of my photos for any reason) This is Shazam Ch. Socialization with adults as well as children and other animals. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy, please contact us to reserve your puppy. Member American Spaniel Club Member Washington State Cocker Spaniel American Cocker Spaniel, American Cocker Spaniel dogs, American Cocker Spaniel training Author Bio Paul Allen Pearce is the author of many breed specific “Think Like a Dog” & “Think Like Me” dog-training books, “Alpha Dog Secrets Revealed”, and others. Our specialty is the chocolate Cocker Spaniel puppy but we often have black/tan, buffs and rarely parti's. Cocker Spaniel Resources, Inc